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Electrode Handle Silicone Cable
Electrode Handle Silicone CableFeatures:Superior surgical steel instruments manufactured by NUMMED Instruments.Ergonomically designed to maximize productivity by minimizing user fatigue.Precise machin..
Finger Switch Pencil, Single Use
Foot Contol Pencil, Sigle Use
Munster Retraction System Complete Set
Munster Retraction System Complete Set. (Buy & Delivery Free).Complete Set Details Are Available with images .(on Demand)Total Set QTY 42 PCs.Top Quality Instruments Are produced .This is the Best..
Silicon Coated Bipolar Cables US Pattern
Reuseable Thudicum Nasal Insulated Speclum Set
Reuseable Thudicum Nasal Insulated Speclum SetTechnical Specifications:Material: Stainless SteelRusting Prevention Procedure: PassivatedUltrasonic Cleaned: YesRe-usable: YesGrade: Premium OR..
53 Pcs Dentistry Student's Kit
53 Pcs Dentistry Student's KitDentistry Students are required to have instruments throughout their courses. Medical Tools 53 Pcs professional quality Dentistry Student's Kit is compiled for students &..
Single Use Bipolar Cables US Pattern
Finger Switch Pencil, Reusable
Finger Switch Pencil, Reusable Finger Switch Pencil. Reusable.With 3 Meter Silicon Coated Cable ...
Emergency Travel Kit With First Aid Pouch
Emergency Travel Kit With First Aid PouchFirst Aid Pouch is designed for Outdoor travel and Emergency. Pouch has adjustable waist band and tool hanging ports.Zip Lock for easy opening and water resist..
Basic Home Bandage Care Kit
Basic Home Bandage Care KitBasic bandage care at home is very important. Bandages must be assessed regularly to ensure they are intact, dry and clean. A dirty or moist bandage provides the perfect env..
Basic Home Surgical Kit
Basic Home Surgical KitHome Surgical Kit is chosen by medical practitioners for home and travel use. Home Surgical Kit has all necessary instruments of a personal first aid kit. All instruments packed..
Basic Advance Physiology Kit
Basic Advance Physiology KitPhysiology plays a very important role in health professions, Doctors, Nurses and Medical professionals need an extensive knowledge in physiology in order to properly serve..
Wagner Scissors,Delicate Surgical , 12 cm
Wagner Scissors,Delicate Surgical , 12 cmFeatures: Superior surgical steel instruments manufactured by NumMed Instruments. Ergonomically designed to maximize productivity by minim..
67 Pcs Appendectomy Set
67 Pcs Appendectomy SetAn appendectomy  (appendisectomy or appendicectomy) is the surgical removal of the vermiform appendix. Medical Tools comprehensive 67 Pcs Appendectomy Set is designed for c..
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